This Is a Story by Lauren Castillo and John Schu

Happy 2023! This Is a Story, illustrated by Caldecott Honor artist Lauren Castillo and written me, releases on March 14. 

About our book, Lauren said,

“When I was asked to illustrate a book for the one and only John Schu, I leaped at the chance! It was an honor to be selected to share his vision (our vision) of the power of story. The setting is a city near and dear to both of our hearts, New York City, where we find ourselves with a young reader inside her neighborhood library. The public library is where I could showcase the freedom and diversity accessible to each of us on the shelves. The art also shows us what a special and important role librarians play, with this particular librarian illustrated as Mr. Schu. And just like him, librarians know how to connect readers with the perfect book. I had so much fun drawing my friend John, some of our favorite titles, and especially capturing the joy on children’s faces as they experience the magic of story."

Thank you, Lauren, for your STUNNING illustrations!


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