Caldecott Medalist Doug Salati

I asked Doug Salati, Christopher Denise, Michaela Goade, Jason Griffin, and Janelle Washington to each answer two questions and finish two sentence starters. 

Hello, Doug Salati! Congratulations on winning the 2023 Caldecott Medal for Hot Dog! I love learning about the CALL. What was running through your heart when the Caldecott committee was clapping and cheering for you?

Doug Salati: Do you know that feeling when you are slowly wading into the ocean, bit by bit, taking your time, and then all of a sudden you get surprised by that first big, cold wave crashing into you? It took my breath away for a moment. I was slightly stunned. My mind was trying to figure out if the committee chair, Dr. Bittner, said what I just thought he said.

Thankfully, the committee’s clapping and cheering rescued me from my daze and I began to realize that the news was remarkably real. And that it was tremendous, wonderful, happy news.

All my life I’ve been fortunate to have people cheering me on as I tried to keep doing the thing I thought I was supposed to do with my life. I would not have gotten to this point without my family, friends, teachers, librarians, instructors, coaches, mentors, and colleagues urging me onward. I gratefully add the 2023 Caldecott Award Selection Committee to that list of supporters.

What does receiving the Caldecott Medal for Hot Dog mean to you?

Doug Salati: At the moment it means more than I can put into words. I hope it means that the Caldecott Award Selection Committee saw something universal in the characters and experiences portrayed in the book. And that, in some small way, the book was successful in speaking to the experiences we all go through and feelings we all have as humans navigating our everyday lives.

Please finish the following sentence starters:

Libraries are the best kind of escape. Accessible to everyone. Free, fun, and full of stories.

Picture books are portals and pathways to help us better understand ourselves and each other.

Thank you, Doug! Congratulations! 

Borrow Hot Dog from your school or public library. Whenever possible, please support independent bookshops. 


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